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Howard and Rudd get on just fine!

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Who says Howard and Rudd don't get along? Google's 2007 Australian Federal Election site allows you to view Australian election content in Google Maps.

![Howard and Rudd fighting it out rock-paper-scissors style at Parliament](


Thanks Michael! Unfortunately your link doesn't work (properly) either. Seems to impossible to link to a zoomed in map with the electoral overlay enabled...

For the rest of you, search for "brunton avenue, melbourne, australia", zoom in to the second highest zoom level and scroll up a little.

Yeah, you are right! I guess you can't bookmark from within a mapplet, even though Google lets you copy the link. It zooms to the right location, then pops back out the mapplet starting point. Thanks for the info.

yes, just search for Melbourne Cricket Ground - you don't need all that Brunton Avenue stuff

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