The PHP Anthology, Second Edition

The PHP Anthology, Second EditionWell, I’m very excited! Some of you will know that I was asked to be an author on a book a while ago. I kept quiet about the details at first, but let slip to a few that I was updating a couple of chapters for the upcoming PHP Anthology (second edition). What I wasn’t expecting was to have my name on the cover! The first edition of this book came in two volumes and was described as “a compilation of best practice solutions to common Web Development problems in PHP, focusing on the achievement of practical goals by applying well-structured, object orientated software design principles” (source). The second edition brings the first up-to-date by providing a question and answer format of PHP 5 solutions to the most common programming problems in a single volume.

I had great fun working on this book, and hope you get as much out of it as I did. I’ll have some extra news on this book in a short while.

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