BarCamp Melbourne

BarCamp Melbourne 2.0BarCamp Melbourne 2.0 planning is now well under way, and the event is slated to run on the 1st and 2nd of March 2008. The first BarCamp Melbourne had 10 participants, which isn’t bad considering the venue was over 2 hours from Melbourne! This time, we’re looking for a venue in, or very close to, the centre of Melbourne, and hope to get 50 to 100 participants.

Described as “an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from attendees”, anyone is welcome to come along for free. Everyone is asked to participate by giving a presentation or leading a discussion, essentially forcing the sharing of ideas and knowledge. You might like to check out the BarCamp web site for more general information. Wikipedia’s entry on BarCamp might also be of interest.

I’ll post more updates as things progress, but in the meanwhile, sign up as a participant if you’d like to come along, spread the word about BarCamp Melbourne 2.0, and if you want to, or know someone that wants to sponsor this event, please check out or point them to the sponsorship page.

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