Cold callers hanging up on me!

I just received a call from Anna, who was calling from Lifestyle Choice (or something like that) because my number had been specially selected for some offer, blah…

When she finished her intro, I calmly asked “where did you get my number from?” and she promptly hung up!

Now I realise that she doesn’t want to waste her time on someone who’s not going to get her to meet targets, but does the client employing her call centre really want her to be rude to the public and give them a bad reputation? This might be a moot point given I don’t remember the exact name of the company she was calling on behalf of, but if anyone else has recently received a call offering a free holiday and accommodation from a company that has Lifestyle in its name, please let me know. I’d like to let them know how pissed off I am. Not because they called me, but because they hung up on me.

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