- The Wikipedia of YouTube?

I just heard about VideoJug - yet another online video hosting service. I though nothing of it at first, but had a look anyway.

Not only do they accept user contributed films, they also produce their own, and say that every video they make available is vetted or produced, respectively, to ensure the highest quality and value. It looks like a combination of Wikipedia and YouTube (or Google Video).

Todays homepage highlights videos that help you give up smoking, live a greener life or improve your dating, while the most viewed films has a heavy bent on running small businesses. No sign of teenagers singing along to their favourite music or creating a video letter in response to someone’s cry for attention! Drilling down and looking at one of these videos shows a really neat addition to the user experience: tables of contents. Each video has the ability to give the users way points in the film. Watching the movie on “Small Business and Pricing”? Why not skip right to the point where the presenter covers the definition of a price margin?

I haven’t had an in-depth look at this yet, but first impressions are pretty good. While I prefer to get access to text (most of my research is done with google and wikipedia), I imagine there will be numerous occasions were video is better. I’m not sure I’d like a video tutorial on configuring a new application, but my clients would probably appreciate a video tutorial to help them set up their email client.

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