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Winning Against Linux The Smart Way

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Microsoft have launched a web site that helps its partners identify Linux "Personas" (i.e. the types of people that use Linux). This list of five personas helps Microsoft partners identify and target these people with a view to forcing persuading them that Microsoft is better. For example, a Linux Experimenter is defined as "largely a Microsoft shop experimenting with Linux" who is "looking to lower his total cost of ownership by experimenting with open source software technologies".

Here's what a Microsoft partner is persuaded to do:

Question the need for experimenting in light of third-party evidence/studies demonstrating that Windows Server 2003 has lower TCO than Linux. Also emphasize Windows' growing leadership in business Web and intranets.

Well, I'm sold. Are you?


Not as flashy but damn that was fast!

Well I'll be darned. I actually registered for a client minutes after writing this post, but the client chickened out and had the registration canceled...

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