File sharing

The USPTO’s Office of International relations released a report in November 2006 titled Filesharing Programs and “Technological Features to Induce Users to Share”.

Their view is that many peer-to-peer file sharing applications include technological features that make it easy for people to inadvertently share files they might not want to, such as copyrighted material and last years tax returns. Consequences included the sharing of government and military secrets and putting children and unsophisticated users into a position where they were breaking laws.

In other news, gun manufacturers have been found to intentionally allow people to inadvertently shoot people. One gunman, whose identity cannot be divulged, said

“I don’t know what happened. I just wanted to rob the bank, but then I pulled the trigger and shot this guy. I didn’t bother reading the manual, but who would have thought that pulling the trigger would actually make the bullet come out. I thought I’d have to enable it or something! These gun manufacturers are simply irresponsible!”.

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