Access cards to protect personal identity

I heard a news article on a radio show this morning on the planned “health and social services access card”. The idea is this card will reduce the red tape involved with accessing government services such as Medicare and Centrelink.

Interestingly, the government is planning to place a photo of the card holder on the card, which will protect personal identity. Given the unnaturally early time of this news item, I don’t remember the exact wording.

There is a lot of controversy about this card, but I have to say I think they’ve nailed it. If carrying a piece of plastic in my pocket that has my photo on it stops someone in Asia fraudulently using a copy of my credit card, then I’m all for it. In fact, I’m about to laminate a passport photo now - why wait for the compulsory National ID health and social services access card?

At least our government isn’t using scare tactics in order to get their citizens to conform to its demands without question.

Oh, hang on a minute…

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