BarCampMelbourne gets its first sponsor!

I know I haven’t written for a while, and I apologise (especially to my mother who is still waiting for news from our trip in Guatemala). I will get there!

Most recently, as well as settling back into a relatively new job, The BarCampMelbourne organisers have been working hard to find a venue and secure Internet access. These are both pretty much settled now, pending a few signatures.

The next step is to secure sponsorship so we can afford to actually run the event.

I’m really happy to say the Scott Davey of Datalink (a previous employer of mine) has agreed to sponsor the event. Thanks Scott!

DatalinkAs I’ve told friends, and mentioned on the BarCampMelbourne web site, Datalink are a great bunch of people who really know their stuff (an no, I’m not hyping it because they’re sending me some money!). Rarely have I been challenged so much in my day job and worked with people who consistently think out side the box to come up with their solutions. I take solace from the fact that I manage to go for a bike ride with Scott every now and then, and see him and his partner for dinner once in a blue moon…

Do you know anyone who might be interested in sponsoring BarCampMelbourne? For full details, check out the Sponsorship page and get in touch with me directly if you’re interested.

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