Bonjour from Montreal!

Alors, on était arrivée hier soir, c’est mon premier jour a Montréal aujourd’hui, et j’arrive par metro a McGill as 9:30. C’est aussi l’anniversaire de ma soeur - bonne anniversaire!

J’ai organisée l’access d’Internet pour notre chambre a la residence d’UQAM, ou on habite pour 21 jours, mais j’oublie demandez si c’est un gym pres de nous. Avec S, on a gagne chacun 4 kilo! Moi, je n’ai pas fait beaucoup d’exercice, et S a mange bien en France!

Quand je marchais les rues, j’ai écoute l’album de Moby, 18. C’est un tres bon album pour découvrir une nouvelle ville. I felt as though I was in one of his music videos.

Right now, I’m drinking a coffee and eating a yummy lemon and poppyseed muffin while I wait to meet S for lunch at half past.

My first impressions of this city? It’s not as cold as I was led to believe it might be. The wind, especially at road intersections, does make it a lot worse though. I haven’t checked out down town yet, but this area (rue Ste Catherine) - a strange, sprawling mix of universities, old buildings, low-cost high-rise residential and office apartments and shops - is a little depressing. There are lots of homeless people sleeping in doorways and it doesn’t look overly attractive. I’ll let you know what I think of down town when I’ve been there. I’ll also post some photos of both soon.

Oh - and apologies for my passable French, I’m making very little use of Firefox’s built-in spell checker and no grammar checker at all. Feel free to correct and educate me.

A la prochaine.

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