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Bonjour from Montreal!

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Alors, on était arrivée hier soir, c'est mon premier jour a Montréal aujourd'hui, et j'arrive par metro a McGill as 9:30. C'est aussi l'anniversaire de ma soeur - bonne anniversaire!

J'ai organisée l'access d'Internet pour notre chambre a la residence d'UQAM, ou on habite pour 21 jours, mais j'oublie demandez si c'est un gym pres de nous. Avec S, on a gagne chacun 4 kilo! Moi, je n'ai pas fait beaucoup d'exercice, et S a mange bien en France!

Quand je marchais les rues, j'ai écoute l'album de Moby, 18. C'est un tres bon album pour découvrir une nouvelle ville. I felt as though I was in one of his music videos.

Right now, I'm drinking a coffee and eating a yummy lemon and poppyseed muffin while I wait to meet S for lunch at half past.

My first impressions of this city? It's not as cold as I was led to believe it might be. The wind, especially at road intersections, does make it a lot worse though. I haven't checked out down town yet, but this area (rue Ste Catherine) - a strange, sprawling mix of universities, old buildings, low-cost high-rise residential and office apartments and shops - is a little depressing. There are lots of homeless people sleeping in doorways and it doesn't look overly attractive. I'll let you know what I think of down town when I've been there. I'll also post some photos of both soon.

Oh - and apologies for my passable French, I'm making very little use of Firefox's built-in spell checker and no grammar checker at all. Feel free to correct and educate me.

A la prochaine.


I wish I was on a holiday. Instead I am stuck in the office writing a damn performance evaluation review... Oh why didn't you take me with you? I am small and furry and could have been hidden in a bag! Mmm I need a holiday.

Well, unfortunately I'm not quite on holiday yet. Just working from the other side of the world. If I may rub it in though, in 3.5 weeks I will be on holiday, probably go snowboarding and relax in a chalet north of Montreal. Then I'm off to Guatemala for 2.5 weeks to do some voluntary work and learn Spanish.

Oh, and we're going to the chalet this weekend too.


Oh hey! I am from montreal, where are you ? We could meet over the weekend if you feel like it :)

Take care and hope to get a reply :)

wow, I made a typo in my first name.. oh well, I forgot to say, did you like the icestorm 2.0 we just had ? :)

David - typo fixed :-) And yes, icestorm was great. We went to St Donat for the weekend, was slightly frosty in Montreal on Saturday afternoon and snow everywhere when we got back. The pictures in the papers of trees on cars were particularly spectacular!

I have it on good authority that your sister was born on 28th, not 30th. How's that for a correction! xxx

On whose authority!?

Well, okay, so I wrote the post on the 28th, but didn't post the post until the 30th. Post time stamp updated :-)

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