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Alors, qu'est-ce que je peux faire à Montréal?

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So, I'm going to be in Montréal, and I'm looking for tips. What should I do there? Where should I eat? Who should I meet?

A little birdy gave me a few eating tips: Schwartz's, Beauty's, and some others I can't remember. Found another site that has links to other eateries in Montréal.

I'm also interested in meeting up with people from open source/PHP/developer types to those that just want to meet up for a coffee/beer. I'm hoping BarCampMoncton will be held while I'm there. I'd like to go to some user groups while I'm there. Do you live in Montréal, or know someone who does? So, any ideas or suggestions?


I hope the FACIL/LQ calendar will shed any doubt you may intertain about this city's geekyness level :)

Also, the Free Software Week (3rd year running!) is starting November 11th.

And since you specifically mentionned PHP, you'll be happy to know we have a little something called PHP Beer *hehe*. Next one is actually tomorrow.

And don't be shy, drop by my blog. I try and keep up with most of the stuff going on in town on a geek/free software level.

Oh, hmm, Melbourne, hey? I guess we shouldn't expect you tomorrow at the PHP Beer, but no worry, it's a monthly event :)

Oups, I forgot part of the URL to the calendar. It was missing the "/cal".

Thanks Robin! I'll definitely try to make the next PHP Beer. Presumably it'll be the first Friday of December?

The calendar is great too, but I'm presuming most of those meetings are held in French, as the only meeting with an English description is the MLUG. Despite the title of this post, my French really isn't that great :-)

I thought of some more. Hopefully these places are still around:

For great coffee (which is fair trade) I highly recommend Cafe Rico which is close to Parc Lafontaine,possibly on Rue Roy or Cherrier.

There is this place in Outremount, close to Rue St Urbain that serves very interesting middle-eastern type food. There are a couple of brothers who own the place who are super nice and very interesting. I'm pretty sure the place is called Rumi. They happen to serve Cafe Rico coffee, and they once gave me a free bag of beans on my last day in Montreal. Please visit them and give them some business.

On Duluth Street between St Laurent and St Denis, there are some interesting places to eat. On September 11, 2001 I had some Afgan food a place called Kyber Pass. The food was ok, but the water tasted like curry.

Cafe L'Etranger (corner St Catherine and Univesitie) has a good and diverse menu, but looks a little sketch.

I'll post more as I think of them.

And be sure to try some Poutine. I was there for 4 years and never had any.

Poutine = chips + gravy + cheese curd

There's lots of activity in french and english, quite often bilingual. I wouldn't let the description stop me. Sometimes, we're just lazy and write in a single language.

Go straight to Hurley' irish pub on crescent :)) but no seriously you have to see mount royal at night from the top perhaps old port, st-viateur's bagel, frites alors!, quoi d'autre.. hmm mckibbins, old dublin, and o'hara's pubs. I would probably try to visit the olympic stadium (la navette qui monte au haut du pique) if I think of something else, i'll post.

Scott - tried Poutine on Saturday - it's lurvely. And bloody fattening too, I imagine. I remember gravy and chips (English fries, not packet of chips) from my childhood, and adding cheese on top just makes it better!

David - thanks for the tips - I have a lot of places-I-have-to-see on my list now :-)

[...] But back to happier subjects, we’ve been trying the suggested eateries and l’Etranger was great. It looked like a road-side diner, but the menu was awesome. Took about 10 minutes to read the thing! We both went for the soup of the day (broccoli), I had a YoYo Blue Burger (burger with blue cheese and bacon) and S had a salmon something. Lurvely! My French is improving mildly too. I went to visit a friend’s office last Friday and on the way back to the Metro, started talking to a born-in-Montrealian who’s never left the country, but aspires to some day. While the conversations were simple and basic, we managed to converse in excellent Frenglish (franglais en français!). [...]

[...] So, I was told about this thing called PHP Beer some time ago, and met up with about 12 people, most of whose names I’ve forgotten. At the risk of insulting those whose names I cannot remember (I’d like to blame the alcohol for that), I’d like to thank Yann, Marc, Louis Philippe, Nelson and everyone else for making me feel welcomed. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, met a few new people and exchanged a few ideas that grew into good ones! [...]

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