Would you like some FUD with that?

Politicians do it; CEOs do it; Even educated MPAA officials do it; Let’s do it; Let’s spread the FUD!

Can you spot the oxymoron?

Anyhow - digg just pointed me at this highly amusing poster that is meant to teach kids not to upload copyrighted media.

Q: Why shouldn’t you upload copyrighted media? A: Because you risk:

  • breaking the law
  • getting exposed to pornographic materials
  • downloading a serious computer virus
  • sharing your personal data, which can lead to identity theft

A “free” movie might actually cost you. It may be free, but it could be illicit material cna come with a virus as well. Some Peer-2-Peer file-sharing services could put your family’s financial records on the screen - to be seen across the entire Internet.

Well I’m glad to know that I’m only risking breaking the law - not actually breaking the law. And who in their right mind keeps financial records on a computer that’s linked to the Internet? Given that most people still use Windows and a lot of those still use Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, I’d be more worried about the spyware and viruses that this software combination exposes you to.

And just to be a little anal about this - why would uploading copyrighted material put you at the risk of downloading a serious computer virus? Which part of this upload process involves the download of another file. Unless they mean the peer-to-peer file sharing application, of course.

It’s a slow news day for me. Need another coffee.

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