Are anti-spam lists finally worrying the spammers?

I received an email this morning to the abuse@ address of two of my domains. It quotes Dave Hayes’s article Becoming what you oppose which describes how two blacklists are conducting debateably illegal acts (he names extorsion, terrorism, false advertising, and uncompetitive behaviour).

The email emphasises that it was not sent by Dave Hayes, but rather by “concerned net citizens in response to the growing abuse and corruption [of the blacklist organisations]”.

I see two possible explanations here:

  1. The blacklists mentioned really are trying to play power games
  2. The spammers are scared because these lists are so good that their spam isn’t getting through and they’re spreading FUD in order to presure people to stop using them.

If I have time, I’ll look into this further. If anyone out there knows anything, I’d love to hear about it.

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