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Dvorak hates CSS!

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John C. Dvorak talks about why he hates CSS. I'm rather amused to read that he blames CSS (rather than the browsers) for not styling content consistently across different browsers, and asks what kind of standard CSS is. He even attacks CSS's cascading property, which applies any styles to an element recursively to all its child elements. "One wrong change and all hell breaks loose" he says.

Everyone loses here, from users who can't understand why things look screwy, to developers who can't get CSS to do the job right, to baffled content providers. And what's being done about it? Nothing! Another fine mess from the standards bodies.

Well if the developer can't get CSS to do the job right, then maybe the developer should be learning more about CSS, rather than blaming CSS. I wouldn't blame my chainsaw for being unable to slice cheese properly.


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