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OWASP have recently released their PHP Top 5 vulnerabilities based on the frequency they are used in attacks. The majority of the causes for these five vulnerabilities are poor input validation, configuration and permission settings.


Hey Benji.. Good post!

Why don't you blog about something you did today! What did you eat for lunch? What colour is the sky right now? What exciting incidents did befall you upon the weekend?

I need something interesting to read while I'm sitting in my Portakabin by the railway line each day, earning some measly Pesos so I can fly away.

I had sandwiches for lunch today. We're trying to save money at the moment, so I've had cheese and mayo sandwiches again. In order to avoid boredom, the sandwiches sometimes contain onion, mustard and/or cucumber. But always cheese and mayo. Tomorrow I might have Vegemite, cheese and mayo. We're running out of mayo. And I go through a loaf of bread in two or three days. Cheaper than buying lunch though.

Sky colour: somewhere between leafy and venetian-blind colour, but if I walked outside, I'd guess maybe a greyish blue. It's been cold and has even rained a little recently, but now-a-days it's mainly windy.

And in the interesting incidents befalling me uponst the weekend department, we went to see Paul and Jo to take a trailer load of milled wood to store in their shed. We still have about 2 cubic metres of wood in our back garden another 1 at BogieBush and 2 more at some friends (Jon and Rosie) in Strathbogie. Jon's brining a trailer load to our place tomorrow, so we'll have 3 in our back yard. Won't be able to see the neighbours soon! We just need to find someone who wants to buy a whole load of beautifully milled narrow-leaf peppermint gum and then I can afford to buy myself a beer :-)

That's fab!

The sky here is a lovely mid blue, with ick-coloured clouds skimming around the edges. Today I made three cups of strong tea with eight sugars, for the site managers, and started writing up some minutes, until a guy disappeared with my notes. So now I'm waiting for his return and faffing on the Internet.

I've been looking up old cheesy RPG games I could buy on the cheap, now I'm living with a PC again. I have the Police Quest series, Christmas prezzie from my big bro!, and I think you left Sam + Max, Day of the Tentacle and all the Leisure Suit Larrys lying around somewhere too. Can you give me some other leads? Monkey Island looks good. And Maniac Mansion. I love the silly games with lots of comedy storyline and funny characters, and where every scene has it's own character, and you can pick stuff up and mess about with it for no proper reason, and accidentally die, or you can swear at your boss, and lose points, etc. Hours of fun! Especially the ones where you can type what you want to say or do, and it's not just clicking icons. Surely they made more than the measly few games I've managed to look up. Can I download any for free? Or play them right here in work? Wow!

I'm really starving already. Thinkin about my welsh cake. Yum.

I've got a crunchy peanut butter multigrain bun for later. Vegemite, cheese and mayo sounds lovely though. Drool.


Does anyone these days write any more games in SCUMM?

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