Quick - we need to backup the Internet!

The US Dept of Homeland Security might be given the responsibility of ensuring the Internet doesn’t break. Or something like that.

This article describes how an overseas attacker could send the US into an economic and security crisis, and that someone needs to be responsible for “restart[ing] and restor[ing] the Internet” [John J. Castellani, president of Business Roundtable].

Gosh - I know some people don’t know how the Internet works, but you’d imagine someone would have given the DHS and John J. Castellani a quick lesson before they made a fool of themselves.

Of course, it’s probably not about security, just about economy - the economy of the Government coffers. People hate stealth taxes, so why not disguise it as “yet another counter-terrorism measure”?

For more opinions on this, check out the Digg thread.

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