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Do you use prototype? Sylvain Zimmer has written a performance improvement for the $$ function with a 20 fold improvement!

Google Checkout was launched hours ago. It's a centralised payment system for multiple online stores, so you don't have to fill out your delivery details at every store! As this is a mini round-up, I'll not start listing how much Google know about you now. I'll leave that to your imagination!


Contrary to what You, or anyone for that matter may say; I for one am all for the backup of Internet.

I offer my home LAN to act as a backup server for Amazons CC database and all of the pornographic materials that may be available on the internet.

In fact, along with my LAN I would like to volunteer my time as an IT professional to parse through all of the backup files from earlier mentioned sites and deem them as operational (not corrupt).

In addition I have the time and the desire to validate every single CC number in Amazons database by making a series of test purchases – this will in fact validate that the numbers are real and not fake.

Hence helping the American economy and I don't even ask for anything in return!

I imagine the CC numbers will be verified against the porn sites, thus testing two birds with one stone, so to speak?

I was thinking Amazon and eBay since sites will be backed up localy. But, whatever works for you :)

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