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A few things that amused me today

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A CMS system allowed googlebot to delete all its content: don't use client-side authentication and never allow commands to be issued as a GET request (i.e. use a form button to delete a page, not a hyperlink). Why you should cancel cable: A little over the top, idealistic and far fetched, but the author has a few valid points.


I think what Ben means is that GET requests should be idempotent. I mean, when do you get to use words like that?

Google never does POSTing, which makes me sad.

the quality of something that has the same effect if used multiple times as it does if used only onceSo yes, loading a page specifying you want to see event entries for a certain month will give the same results every time.

Loading a page asking it to delete content will only give the expected result once.

Scott, why does Google not POSTing make you sad? In what circumstances? For a search (an idempotent request :) ) GET is fine - you can copy and paste or bookmark the results (not possible with POST).

i just think google could really do more iteresting things if it did POSTing, such as ordering various things on some web sites, such as really stupid ones that don't require a valid credit card. These "stupid sites" may or may not get dozens of fake orders every day, wasting lots of people's time.

in fact, ben, loading a page to view entries for a given month need not be idempotent if events are added to the calendar. in practice, most HTTP requests are never idempotent. it's just not feasible.

and most programming functions are not referentially transparent.

Ah, so you want googlebot to follow POST links? That would be a bad idea in my opinion (for the reasons outlined in the story that started this discussion).

When I said "loading a page specifying you want to see event entries for a certain month will give the same results every time", I meant the list of events will be shown. If new events are added, they will form part of the results.

The key in the definition of idempotent is "has the same effect". The effect is to return a list of events. This would imply that HTTP requests can be idempotent, so long as the same effect is produced. And if looking at the data level, it has no effect (it's only reading). In deleting, you can only delete once.

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