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PHP Usage Stats

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I was challenged to justify my position this morning, that PHP is a popular programming language.

Unfortunately, I didn't have figures in my head, and the other person told me that Sourceforge had 12,000 Java projects, and only 2,000 PHP projects.

This post is my attempt to pull together a whole load of stats on various programming languages.

My first jump from google's search results was to TIOBE Programming Community Index, which lists programming languages based on the availability of skilled engineers, courses and third party vendors - a good indicator of the way the market is going.

TOIBE, as of today, report:

Position Mar 2006 Position Mar 2005 Delta in Position Programming Language Ratings Mar 2006 Delta Mar 2005 Status
1 2 Up Java 21.889% +3.01% A
2 1 Down C 17.794% -1.67% A
3 3 Same C++ 11.159% -0.47% A
4 4 Same PHP 9.948% +0.53% A
5 6 Up Basic 9.892% +2.99% A
6 5 Down Perl 6.421% -2.73% A
7 7 Same C# 3.146% +0.61% A
8 8 Same Python 3.093% +0.66% A
9 9 Same Delphi/Kylix 1.843% -0.29% A
10 11 Up JavaScript 1.733% +0.08% A
11 12 Up SAS 1.337% +0.07% A
12 10 Down 2 PL/SQL 0.990% -0.68% A


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