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First PHP course scheduled

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The first course has been scheduled for the 27th of March, a little later than hoped. It's entitled PHP101 and is ideal for those who are new to PHP but have a good understanding of at least one other programming language, such as C, Java, ASP or ASP.NET.

Register your interest using the contact form. Pay before the 27th of February to be eligible for the early bird prize!


Some of those (singleton and decorator) are planned for the advanced OO module already, but I plan on including many more. Thanks for the suggestions - they're all being noted down...


Just a suggestion: Dunno about everyone else, but I'd be keen for stuff on PHP Design Patterns - Most of pattern-related material for PHP seems to focus on MVC frameworks, which are cool, but there's a plethora of others (Singleton, n-tier, decorator etc etc) that seem pretty much overlooked. I know there's heaps of this stuff for Java, but PHP seems limited.

Just out of interest's sake: do you have anything planned in the way of advanced topics?

Absolutely. I'm currently working on the Object Oriented course material, and already have most of the material for the Regular Expressions module...

Another that I haven't started writing yet will deal with communications (i.e. SOAP, AJAX, XML) and conversion (i.e. XSLT)

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