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Wanna buy a shed?

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We're probably going to be buying a shed. Wanna buy it off us?

Here's the story. The neighbours I referred to in the previous post have decided to sell (again - long story) but there may be a sticking point in the sale.

They bought a 10m by 12m shed, that they cannot store anywhere (nor make use of). If they sell their land, what will they do with their shed? Well, I want to help them move. Not just because the land can still recover and the neighbours will have their peace and quiet back, but also because I feel the guys with the shed want to move. They're not happy with the land, because of the hurt and distress their causing, and want to move on.

So, we might end up buying the shed from them. We have the space to store it, can scrape the money together to buy it, and will then sell it on, hopefully not making a loss.

It's new, it's probably shiny and it's big. Want it? Contact me...


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