Post OSDC thoughts

The organisers have been resting a little - yours truly just recovered from a head cold over the weekend. I think the work load took it’s toll in the end, but fun was definitely had by all!

We’re very excited that OSDC is going global, with the next conference being organised by the Israeli Perl Mongers and the Python user group! What’s more, they’re lucky enough to have Larry Wall present a keynote, and Autrijus will be making his appearance too, just months after serenading attendees at OSDC AU.

So what are my post OSDC thoughts? Well, things can only get better, can’t they? Next year we’ll be bigger - we have a bit of cash in the bank to play with now. I’m hoping that by year five, OSDC AU will be hosted interstate.

I also think that we’ll see a lot more corporate and sponsorship interest next year - we’ve been successful two years in a row; the third can’t fail!

Now that I’ve jinxed the whole thing to high heaven, I’ll stop, before things go really passion fruit shaped…

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