Mad Max 4?

It seems fitting, and yet ironic, that in the country that Mad Max was filmed in - the same country that has petrol prices roughly 40% of that in Europe - that the night before last, we had all our petrol stolen!

Yes folks, the price hike seems to have made people try to find alternative sources of fuel, and our petrol tank door and cap are the worse for it, not to mention our pockets.

Our Mazda has one of those doors that pops open when you pull a lever near the driver’s seat, and the cap is a simple twist off type, so I know it’s not the most secure system in the world. Anyone can stick a screwdriver down the side of the petrol door and pop it open without damaging anything.

What annoys me is that we lost petrol and had to buy a new petrol cap. Well, we didn’t have to, but I bought one with a key, because they’re at least 10% more secure and hopefully, simply, more of a deterrent. Although maybe instead of twisting the cap off and taking the fuel, they’ll now use a crowbar and damage the opening completely.

At least they left me enough to get to the petrol station. Probably not out of the kindness of their hearts though, more likely because they couldn’t reach the bottom of the tank.


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