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Ben for Prez!

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I'm very excited to be the proud new President of the Melbourne PHP User Group! We had a meeting tonight to vote on incorporation of the organisation, and 6 positions were filled. Congratulations to the others:

  • President: Ben Balbo
  • Vice-president: Ted Bown
  • Secretary: Robin MacPherson
  • Treasurer: Dean Tedesco
  • Ordinary Committee Members: Serg Belokamen and Neale Yates

The next year will hopefully be an interesting one. The group is now 2 years old, and started as a bunch of people who met up at a cafe once a month. I first went to one of these meetings in March 2003, and the next month we had our first organised meeting.

We've had regular talks on a range of topics and at different levels, and I hope we can continue with this into the future.

With only two of the six committee members having been in the previous committee, I hope this new blood will help the group flourish and go in directions we hadn't yet dreamed of!


I voted for Ben. Twice! Oh wait, no I didn't.

Hi Scott! I would like to thank you most whole-heartedly for your enthusiastic support :-)

Oh wait, no I wouldn't...

"Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job."

But Congratz anyway.

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