Zero Knowledge; Meeting the Growing Demand for Security and Privacy in a National Security World


We’re being surveilled at a massive level. Even if we trust our governments, this creates a honey-pot of information that criminals would love to get their hands on. Encryption is hard, and it’s not end-user friendly, but the tide is changing. But what if your business needs to work with the data?

This talk discusses the options for end-to-end communications encryption in web applications, as well as ways of securely and anonymously handling and distributing sensitive information between users, without allowing the raw data to give anything away.


I did not expect this talk to be about the *implementation* of a zero knowledge application and was pleasantly surprised. Boy Baukema
Wonderfully thought-provoking. I am beginning to try to plan out applications like the one that was described, so there was a lot to take a way, including from a conversation with you later in the day. Christopher Pitt
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Previously Presented At

International PHP Conference
Starts: 5 Jun 2018
Where: Berlin, Germany
Starts: 9 Feb 2018
Where: Montreal, Canada
Dutch PHP Conference
Starts: 1 Jul 2017
Where: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Melbourne PHP Users Group
Starts: 16 May 2017
Where: Melbourne, Australia

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