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Making comments more accessible

I was just going through a list of sites that link here and stumbled back upon Russ Weakley’s Anatomy of a comment. Having wanted to try and tick all his boxes for a while, I think I’ve managed to make my comments section a little more accessible. Russ identifies these attributes of a comment: Author…

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Will Cloud Computing Violate your Privacy and Security?

According to yesterday morning’s ABC Radio National show, cloud computing will pose a danger to your on-line privacy and security with people able to read your email, see what web sites you’ve visited and reconcile your on-line activities, banking details and buying habits. We’re also going to hear a lot about cloud computing in the…

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The trend of me

I’m surprised I haven’t blogged about this yet, but as some of you know, I have this “vanity folder” in my RSS reader. It’s an idea I got from elsewhere quite some time ago, but essentially you search Google News, Google Blogs, Technorati, etc, for your name, domain name, company name and so forth. Each…

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If you use a video camera, I need your help!

If you’re interested in a new range of camera stabilisation equipment that I’m planning to develop then I need your help. Please complete this survey – it only takes 5 or 10 minutes. Please fill in the answers as honestly as you can and don’t spare my feelings. It’s more important that I know the…

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Never trust your users!

Time and again I see people do stupid stuff on the web. I’m talking about the developers. There’s this big fat rule in the world of web development: never trust your users to do the right thing. This could mean asking the user if they’re sure that the want to delete an appointment from their…

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My most memorable job interview

Job interviews can be hard work. I’ve had quite a few in my time, and you need to do at least a little homework before submitting yourself to the scrutiny of others. Most of my interviews have been quite ordinary, with someone asking questions and someone else interjecting occasionally trying to trip me up. My…

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Installing PHP5.3

I recently installed PHP 5.3 in order to play with some of the new features and thought I’d share the steps I took with you. While it’s based on a clean installation of Ubuntu 7.10 Server, you might find this useful on existing systems too. As ever, this guide is for educational purposes only. I…

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Make someone feel good by blowing their trumpet

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