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Raw Food and Trash TV

A little late on the post – our guest has just left, and despite nodding off on the sofa while Jo and Georgia chatted away the early hours of this morning, I could have half listened for ages. Today was mostly uninteresting up until leaving work. I finished all scheduled work by midday and then…

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Day 3: Lifestyle

This one’s more of a gratitude thing, but if you like, I can tie it into manifestation quite easily. I just love that I can come home from work, pack a picnic basket (okay, so Jo packed it *smile*) and walk to the beach, eat a fantastic meal, watch the sun set over the water…

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Day 2: Me time

Jo and I both need space. Not all the time, but every now and then, one of us needs “me time”. I think everyone does, but most couples don’t give it to each other. You get together, and suddenly you’re one entity. A couple. Individuality and personal needs slowly disappear. Today, Jo went out for…

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