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Dear Temptee: Beware of Microsoft’s BizSpark

There is devilry afoot in the Redmond offices. That tautology became stronger on the 5th of November with this press release: SAN FRANCISCO, November 5 Microsoft Corp. today unveiled Microsoft BizSpark, a global program designed to help accelerate the success of entrepreneurs and early-stage startups. BizSpark provides startups and entrepreneurs with fast and easy access…

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How much is .50 cents?

I just noticed that Telstra’s web site shows excess data usage on their Data Pack 10 is $.050/Mb. Not quite sure what to make of that, I had a chat with Wendy, one of their on-line support agents: Wendy 42164513: How may I help with your enquiry today? Ben: Hi Wendy. I was just wondering…

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Why Allphones pissed me off

For the past three weeks I’ve been getting calls on my mobile from 02 8986 3000 at least once per week day, sometimes twice or thrice. Every time I answer the call I hear “I’m sorry, all operators are currently bu” and get cut off. Rather annoying! So they quickly get added to my phone…

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That’s just unaustralian!

There’s this web site that asks people to add their 2 cents to the discussion on climate change. For reasons I won’t go in to, I will not be mentioning this site by name, nor giving you a link to it, but I wanted to share a comment I found on it. Most of the…

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Max talked to Darcy and I

Some people might not know it, but I’m a grammar nazi. You might not know this because I don’t correct people (except those who have asked me to correct them). You’ll imagine my excitement (or at least extreme interest) in last Wednesday’s showing of Are you smarter than a 5th grader, when a contestant was…

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Cold callers hanging up on me!

I just received a call from Anna, who was calling from Lifestyle Choice (or something like that) because my number had been specially selected for some offer, blah… When she finished her intro, I calmly asked “where did you get my number from?” and she promptly hung up! Now I realise that she doesn’t want…

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