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Coffee Tasting Results

We tasted some coffees at work today. Here are the results… The Coffees Five Senses – Earth (Blend) There are no subtleties in this cup – earthy, forest-floor like flavours, lots of body, low acidity and a lingering after-taste make this one a versatile coffee that can be enjoyed either as espresso or through milk….

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How do you relate to your twitter followers?

I sent out a status update this morning. It read, simply “I think I just quit smoking…” Within minutes, @StopSmoking_Now retweeted my message. I don’t have a problem with that. However, within 3 hours, @QuitSmokingZone followed me and I’m unsure how to react. You see, my twitter feed is public, so it’s not like following…

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3 months of news; has microblogging killed the blog?

I’ve just realised I haven’t written anything here for almost 3 months, and yet I don’t feel I’ve been out of touch or not been updating “followers” with my activities and news. The number of phone calls and emails I’ve made hasn’t increased dramatically, so what’s happened? Could it be that more frequent microblogs on…

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Mothers will do anything to help their kids

This email came to the Melbourne PHP Users Group today: Hello Ben I am trying to urgently locate someone who could assist my son with a web programming Uni assignment, which needs to be finished by Friday. The person would be well remunerated. I look forward to your reply. Annette To which I responded: Hi…

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The trend of me

I’m surprised I haven’t blogged about this yet, but as some of you know, I have this “vanity folder” in my RSS reader. It’s an idea I got from elsewhere quite some time ago, but essentially you search Google News, Google Blogs, Technorati, etc, for your name, domain name, company name and so forth. Each…

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Feminists are selfish – obey God’s command!

According to the Richey Family, being tied down is the lord’s command. The author, Crystal, provides a few quotes outlining “Selfish(feminist) reasons women don’t want children” and I’m one of them! Of course her quote of my post is rather ambiguous and arguably out of context, so I imagine the others are too. Crystal goes…

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