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Executive summary: I started fixing the file server and cleaned out the garage today. I woke up this morning and, after thinking of Jo, saying morning to Button as she walked past my room and then having Jo come in and give me a big smoocher, remembered the curtain rails that have been lying in…

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Go Slow

Today we had a go slow. The whole family needed some rest and recuperation, except Button who has energy aplenty and can’t stop for a minute. One of the things with children’s educational institutions is the close proximity of children in your household with children in others. I don’t remember the last time I rubbed…

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Celebrating Ourselves

Today has been all about down time. Jo and me time. Nothing to do, no deadlines, no demands. We got up at 11.30am and made breakfast, buckwheat and banana pancakes with mixed beans and tomatoes, pink bubbly and a coffee. Once breakfast was over we rolled round on the floor trying to digest the heavy…

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Day 14: Mostly Uneventful

What a day. Couldn’t find my money, grabbed $10 off Jo for the train, ran for the train, missed the train, ran back home, got changed, jumped on the bike, rode in to work so as not to miss the Monday morning meeting at 9am and arrived promptly at 8.30am. That’s 30 minutes during commuter…

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