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Do you have uni assignments hosted anywhere?

I went to University and studied Software Engineering. I also did Computing at high school. I’ve also been programming in one way or another since the age of 8. I’m not unusual. One of the things I learned about was data storage, and how it actually works. For example, an array of data is a…

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File sharing

The USPTO’s Office of International relations released a report in November 2006 titled Filesharing Programs and “Technological Features to Induce Users to Share”. Their view is that many peer-to-peer file sharing applications include technological features that make it easy for people to inadvertently share files they might not want to, such as copyrighted material and…

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Shame on you!

I’m fed up – too many sites think they can get away with bad security practices. Some think software patents are good! In an effort to try and focus on these issues, I’ve started Shame | Naming and shaming sites that ought to know better.

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Patent Pending

My sister sent me a link to her on-line travel journal today, which was a great read. The system is quite nice too, it’s like a blog of sorts, and even plots your travels out on a map so visitors can see where you’ve been. As I’m off on a bit of a trip at…

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