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The Problem with Australian Super Laws

I have just read a petition by GetUp! regarding unfair superannuation laws in Australia. Usually, I have no issues with GetUp! petitions and sign many of them; their vision and mine tend to overlap a lot. Today, though, I read this petition, Only Super For Some, which calls for Australia to “change current superannuation laws…

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We had the first items from our recent eBay garage sale collected today, two people came. The first guy – I don’t know his name, arrived to pick up a 12 piece dinner set. He used to build his own motorbikes when he was younger, starting with a Harley, and remembers when the Japanese first…

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Moving On

I’ve done my professional duty now and informed my employer before broadcasting this. I resigned today. While I won’t air dirty laundry in public, I can honestly say that it’s been awesome working with pretty much everyone at the company. The people and passion, bar none, are what drives the company and keeps it alive….

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Yesterday and Today

Monday. Breakfast at 7.30am in Collingwood. Work from 9.00am. Lunch in town at midday. Pool with a friend at 6.30pm. Home with my woman at 9.00pm. Cup of tea and chocolate. Tuesday. Breakfast at 7.30am in Windsor. Work from 8.30am. Meeting in town at 5.00pm. Home with my woman at 7.15pm. Chocolate rice pudding and…

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Extra Curricular Income

We couldn’t be arsed to cook tonight, but Jo made some money on a recent sale, so we had pizza. Yum! Lots of chatting about family, drinking of red wine and eating of sausage, chicken and vegetables on a gluten free base expertly crafted by Domino’s. Life has been quite cruisey recently. Some major news…

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To Let or For Sale

We bought a House! Okay, so you know that already. But we need finance, so off to the bank we email. We have a guy, he’s a lending specialist, and he’s ace. I called him last week to make sure he wasn’t going to be on holidays, because that would be totally inconsiderate. Monday we…

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Moments of gratitude and inspiration

Burlesque soundtrack playing at full whack. Bottle of red polished off. Two more episodes of Alias season 2 down. Desperate Housewives episode 7 ready and prepped. Blog writing begins. How fucking awesome is Alias at the moment? I mean our moment? Season two episode ten. I don’t know if it’s Nelson McCormick’s directing or if…

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