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My Mentors

Your friends and acquaintances are different for a reason. They each provide a different aspect to your life. Some more than one aspect. Many cover the same aspect. Some of them probably won’t get along with each other. I have a great set of teams that help me in my life. They all help give…

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I got up at 6am. Hmm, 6.30. I was supposed to get up at 6am. I got up and made breakfast for Jo, Pat and myself, while Jo organised porridge for Button and some lunch for us. I made Jo a coffee and then it was time to go. Monday morning rush! As usual. Today…

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34 Today

I’m a really hard person to buy presents for. Ask me what I want and I won’t have a clue. I generally don’t want things. I’m running out of space for things. You can probably buy me something to wear, or a book – especially if it’s educational or thought provoking (I’m not so much…

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Button: she rocks my world

I went shopping last night, and as I left, Button blew me a kiss. She even came to the car to give me a hug and get a smoocher from me. I love the dynamic between us. It’s changing so quickly. I remarked to Jo today that her change is exponential at the moment. She’s…

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Raw Energy

People who allude to things, ideas, masking words from emotion, have me second guessing their intent. I think they’re up to something. They’re manipulating a situation. When you come to me, the raw, real you, you tell me how you feel, you don’t beat around the bush. I’ll probably reel. For a second. And then…

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My Reason for Travel

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