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Offer Accepted!

We got an SMS from the agent at 9:30am today telling us he’d be at the property at 11am to show us around again. We’d just arrived at Saffs, quite possibly Castlemaine’s premier cafe, for breakfast and were giddy at the excitement of seeing it again. I assumed that the offer had been accepted, else…

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Buying another House

We went away this weekend to have a look at more property. Having seen one on Wednesday we now had a firm list of requirements to tick off. Most were flexible, while some, like proximity to a train station, were must-haves. We arrived at our destination and visited the local market before heading in to…

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Changed Plans

I’m grateful for changed plans today. I received an SMS from a work colleague yesterday: Ben we are going to need you and Jimmy to complete these 31 hours / 4 tickets by eod Friday. You will need to handover [sic] Sind [sic] of the tickets to Jimmy. Meeting in the morning 9am Ignoring the…

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Virus Begone

I woke up this morning and wasn’t in a state to go to work. Jo’s feeling better, but I had a headache. I rested and took it easy and by 11.30am was feeling better, so went in to work. It’s now 8.16pm and I’m going home, so still managed a full work day. Pretty awesome…

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