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Wind Down

Jo asked me today if it was weird to think I only had 2 more days of work at Sputnik and the thought of moving on has been strange. Not so much the leaving Sputnik thing – as it could well be me going on holiday. Work’s been pretty quiet recently too, so the fact…

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Moving On

I’ve done my professional duty now and informed my employer before broadcasting this. I resigned today. While I won’t air dirty laundry in public, I can honestly say that it’s been awesome working with pretty much everyone at the company. The people and passion, bar none, are what drives the company and keeps it alive….

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Yesterday and Today

Monday. Breakfast at 7.30am in Collingwood. Work from 9.00am. Lunch in town at midday. Pool with a friend at 6.30pm. Home with my woman at 9.00pm. Cup of tea and chocolate. Tuesday. Breakfast at 7.30am in Windsor. Work from 8.30am. Meeting in town at 5.00pm. Home with my woman at 7.15pm. Chocolate rice pudding and…

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I don’t often have an active need for the justice system. I interact with it on occasion (speeding fines, business name registrations, etc), but today I felt part of it. 14 months ago I separated from my ex, and today was the hearing. I attended just to make sure any issues could be dealt with…

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My Mentors

Your friends and acquaintances are different for a reason. They each provide a different aspect to your life. Some more than one aspect. Many cover the same aspect. Some of them probably won’t get along with each other. I have a great set of teams that help me in my life. They all help give…

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Offer Accepted!

We got an SMS from the agent at 9:30am today telling us he’d be at the property at 11am to show us around again. We’d just arrived at Saffs, quite possibly Castlemaine’s premier cafe, for breakfast and were giddy at the excitement of seeing it again. I assumed that the offer had been accepted, else…

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