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Will Cloud Computing Violate your Privacy and Security?

According to yesterday morning’s ABC Radio National show, cloud computing will pose a danger to your on-line privacy and security with people able to read your email, see what web sites you’ve visited and reconcile your on-line activities, banking details and buying habits. We’re also going to hear a lot about cloud computing in the…

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What’s new in PHP 5.3?

I wrote an article on Installing PHP 5.3 in order to look at the newest features that have been back-ported from PHP 6. The result of this is my What’s new in PHP 5.3 article that was published by SitePoint yesterday. I won’t go in to the nitty-gritty here, but suffice it to say the…

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Installing PHP5.3

I recently installed PHP 5.3 in order to play with some of the new features and thought I’d share the steps I took with you. While it’s based on a clean installation of Ubuntu 7.10 Server, you might find this useful on existing systems too. As ever, this guide is for educational purposes only. I…

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Are anti-spam lists finally worrying the spammers?

I received an email this morning to the abuse@ address of two of my domains. It quotes Dave Hayes’s article Becoming what you oppose which describes how two blacklists are conducting debateably illegal acts (he names extorsion, terrorism, false advertising, and uncompetitive behaviour). The email emphasises that it was not sent by Dave Hayes, but…

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Warning: Domains Australia Pty Ltd

It seems a domain scammer out there has caught the eye of auDA (the Australian domain name administrator). I’ve received these dodgy letters from Domains Australia Pty Ltd before and ignored them. They send letters to owners of .au domains and offer to register the equivalent. The letter itself can be confusing and might…

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