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Virus Begone

I woke up this morning and wasn’t in a state to go to work. Jo’s feeling better, but I had a headache. I rested and took it easy and by 11.30am was feeling better, so went in to work. It’s now 8.16pm and I’m going home, so still managed a full work day. Pretty awesome…

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I gave in. I took drugs. I don’t like to, but this head cold was killing me. As it is my head’s still throbbing  little and my nose is a tad itchy, but I don’t feel like my head’s in a vice. I don’t really have much more to add today. Jo and I went…

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Money Makes the World go Round

Today I woke up, decided not to go to work, told work I’d work from home, got a call from work telling me to rest and get better, slept, watched the end of a movie I started a night or two ago (can’t remember which one, probably cos I was half asleep), slept some more,…

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Resting Up

I didn’t go to work today. Jo spent the day at home too, looking after me. I called my manager at abut 8.20am to let him know I wouldn’t be home – work’s been really great, he told me to look after me first and not worry, after I told him I’d be available if…

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Coming Home

Woke up this morning at 6am, after a relatively early night, and had breakfast and lounged around. I was taking it very easy still. At about 9am we started finishing the packing (having expected to leave the day before we were mostly packed already any way) and tidied up before checking out. The cab ride…

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