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It Burns!

I remember, as a child, watching someone juggling with fire. I remember lots of fire being present in public celebrations when I grew up in Germany. I remember bonfire night in the UK, sparklers, Catherine wheels. I remember festivals with fire twirlers and more bonfires. I remember only last year going to the Winter Solstice…

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Take a Breather

Jo’s been working really hard on her business. I’ve been spending most waking moments not spent at work, on the laptop working on the technical side of her business, and while we’ve spent a lot of time in each other’s presence, we’ve still missed each other. So today we made it all about us. We…

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Easter: Round One

Today is a two post day – this is post one. We woke up this morning and Button was eager to look for eggs. Jo had hidden a bag of mini chocolate eggs and a whole load of home-crafted felt eggs around the living room and kitchen last night. Immediately I was solicited to assist…

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