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Last day in Hà Nội

Technically the last 24 hours. I’ve checked out and am sitting in the lobby catching up on my blog, drinking more Vietnamese coffee, waiting to catch a cab to the airport in an hour. How do I wrap up the week I’ve had? So many mixed emotions. After a few hours of work yesterday, Tung,…

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It Burns!

I remember, as a child, watching someone juggling with fire. I remember lots of fire being present in public celebrations when I grew up in Germany. I remember bonfire night in the UK, sparklers, Catherine wheels. I remember festivals with fire twirlers and more bonfires. I remember only last year going to the Winter Solstice…

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Hanging with Friends

Today was rejuvenating. Jo and I went to yoga this morning, and unlike yesterday I found is much easier today. Seems like 2.5 days without stretching sets you back quite far. I was surprised at how fast the hour and a half passed, wondering whether perhaps the teacher had forgotten half the routine, but no…

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Thank Fuck

Those are the words used by our friends on the peninsula at the news that we’re no longer moving to Castlemaine, and here’s the cake to prove it! Rocking people, rocking cake, rocking day. We feel so blessed to be treasured by so many beautiful people. The purpose of our move – to have land,…

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My Mentors

Your friends and acquaintances are different for a reason. They each provide a different aspect to your life. Some more than one aspect. Many cover the same aspect. Some of them probably won’t get along with each other. I have a great set of teams that help me in my life. They all help give…

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