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Last day in Hà Nội

Technically the last 24 hours. I’ve checked out and am sitting in the lobby catching up on my blog, drinking more Vietnamese coffee, waiting to catch a cab to the airport in an hour. How do I wrap up the week I’ve had? So many mixed emotions. After a few hours of work yesterday, Tung,…

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If it looks like a Duck

Well, to be honest, it didn’t look anything like a duck. I don’t even know if it tasted like duck, not having tried it before, but it certainly didn’t quack like one. Trigger Warning: if you have a problem with the graphic description of meaty dishes, get a paper bag ready. In the continued search…

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Good Morning Vietnam!

I believe I got 5 hours sleep last night; I even woke naturally before the alarm was due to go off at 7.30. I knew today was going to be a long day, so in contrast to my usual wont, I headed straight down for a quick breakfast and over the road to work. Yesterday’s…

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Excuse me, I have a Frog in my Throat

I went out for dinner with the team I’m working with in Hà Nội tonight. They’d taken me out for street food for lunch, which was divine, and thought perhaps a traditional restaurant would be a more gentle introduction to the night life on day one. The two tables we sat at each had a…

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Despite the server changes that I wasn’t aware of, documentation had become duplicated, files I couldn’t access, and networking issued that stopped me sending changes from my development environment to the staging server, I had the best day at work in a long while today. At some point after midday, I saw Marty get up….

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Off She Goes

Caught up with my mum and Jo after work today for dinner. We had a fantastic meal (and I mean fantastic, you must go!) at Tusk Cafe Bar on Chapel Street in Windsor. I can wholeheartedly recommend the shared platter and lamb satay. Oh my! So anyway, we’re having dinner and a catchup before taking…

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