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Business as Usual

Or not so usual. It’s been a while since I sat down to work at home, and it’s caught up on me. I finally got my income tax return completed for MooBox today, 2 months late, and I owe the ATO $400. I’ll have to call on Monday to apologise profusely. Again. I really must…

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Yesterday and Today

Monday. Breakfast at 7.30am in Collingwood. Work from 9.00am. Lunch in town at midday. Pool with a friend at 6.30pm. Home with my woman at 9.00pm. Cup of tea and chocolate. Tuesday. Breakfast at 7.30am in Windsor. Work from 8.30am. Meeting in town at 5.00pm. Home with my woman at 7.15pm. Chocolate rice pudding and…

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All Change

My life has been taken over by a crochet hook. I sit down for a second and realise a few moments later tat I have a jellyfish in my hand. Tonight, I even got to the point where I was wishing this project was over with, so I think it’s time to down tools and…

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3rd Saturday of the month is Mornington Racecourse Market! Yay! So off we went, only to find it’s a Sunday market! That’ll explain why it wasn’t on last month either! So we went to Mornington for brunch instead. Toy shopping at The Whale followed by savoury muffins, coffee and book browsing at Page 8. While…

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Addendum: We’re not going anywhere!

Oh yes, I was just catching up on Jo’s blog and read her entry for Friday. I haven’t shared with my friends and family the exciting news about our move to the country. It’s off. You see we have both wanted this for so long, even before we got together. This dream of land and…

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I got up at 6am. Hmm, 6.30. I was supposed to get up at 6am. I got up and made breakfast for Jo, Pat and myself, while Jo organised porridge for Button and some lunch for us. I made Jo a coffee and then it was time to go. Monday morning rush! As usual. Today…

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