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Easter: Round One

Today is a two post day – this is post one. We woke up this morning and Button was eager to look for eggs. Jo had hidden a bag of mini chocolate eggs and a whole load of home-crafted felt eggs around the living room and kitchen last night. Immediately I was solicited to assist…

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Handling Disappintment

Today was ever so strange. I was booked in for surgery, so I took the day off with work. We arrived well before the consultation that was to take place before the operation, so we went to play in a nearby park. The three of us then got to the Medical Centre on time, and…

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Off She Goes

Caught up with my mum and Jo after work today for dinner. We had a fantastic meal (and I mean fantastic, you must go!) at Tusk Cafe Bar on Chapel Street in Windsor. I can wholeheartedly recommend the shared platter and lamb satay. Oh my! So anyway, we’re having dinner and a catchup before taking…

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Thank Fuck

Those are the words used by our friends on the peninsula at the news that we’re no longer moving to Castlemaine, and here’s the cake to prove it! Rocking people, rocking cake, rocking day. We feel so blessed to be treasured by so many beautiful people. The purpose of our move – to have land,…

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There was no way we were going to get to Daylesford for 10 am today, let’s face it. It’s a 2 hours drive, the Pride March was only on for an hour and a half, probably less, so we’d have to *leave* the house at 8am. On a Sunday. Not a chance. 7.50am, Jo comes…

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I got up at 6am. Hmm, 6.30. I was supposed to get up at 6am. I got up and made breakfast for Jo, Pat and myself, while Jo organised porridge for Button and some lunch for us. I made Jo a coffee and then it was time to go. Monday morning rush! As usual. Today…

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34 Today

I’m a really hard person to buy presents for. Ask me what I want and I won’t have a clue. I generally don’t want things. I’m running out of space for things. You can probably buy me something to wear, or a book – especially if it’s educational or thought provoking (I’m not so much…

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Mixed Emotions

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