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Senator Stephen Fielding Seeing Spots

Family First Senator Stephen Fielding has just returned from a study tour in America and is now undecided about the effect of carbon emissions on global warming. While the solar flares debate, which Senator Fielding has recently cottoned on to, has been around for many years, no evidence exists to link them to the current…

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Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

Meaning: We come from dust; we return to dust. Except we don’t really, do we? Sure, people who get cremated turn back to ash, but that’s hardly environmentally friendly. The act of cremation is an energy inefficient CO2 spewing act – the last chance for members of our modern society to pollute this world. You…

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That’s just unaustralian!

There’s this web site that asks people to add their 2 cents to the discussion on climate change. For reasons I won’t go in to, I will not be mentioning this site by name, nor giving you a link to it, but I wanted to share a comment I found on it. Most of the…

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Save energy while searching the web…

There’s this thing happening today – it’s called the Blog Action Day, in which bloggers around the world are being asked to post something about the environment. It’s a cute idea, and I’ve been meaning to mention Blackle for a while now. Lots (and lots) of people have Google as their browser’s default home page….

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Memo humans: stop breeding like bunnies

It seems someone over at The Age concurs with my sentiments that the world is ever so slightly overpopulated. While humans cull species that overpopulate the world (kangaroos, rabbits, foxes, etc), the author of Memo humans: stop breeding like bunnies suggests more humane ways to reduce the population of the human species. “…cut our population…

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Carbon Footprint and Population

A comment on my post “Why I don’t want kids” mentions the impact our daily activities have on this world. That reminds me of a conversation I ha with someone a while ago. A US TV show took a suburban family and calculated that if everyone in the world lived the way they do, they…

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Have you heard of a Conservation License?

Apparently it’s a license that you can obtain on certain classifications of land (for instance, if it’s Crown Land) for the purpose of managing and caring for the land. The area becomes a conservation area and is you’re responsibility to care for. Although the land is not your by title, while you have a license…

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Wanna buy a shed?

We’re probably going to be buying a shed. Wanna buy it off us? Here’s the story. The neighbours I referred to in the previous post have decided to sell (again – long story) but there may be a sticking point in the sale. They bought a 10m by 12m shed, that they cannot store anywhere…

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Weekend Warriors

The magazines make it look glamorous. The mud is part of the fun. Roaring around the bush on a dirt bike is up there with the adrenaline pumping activities. Hell – I’ve done it – I know it’s fun! That is until someone gets hurt. I’m not talking about falling off your bike (been there)….

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