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I wanted to reinstate an old blog post of mine today, and when contemplating the task of importing only one post from my previous blog, decided to just bring it all in again. Some images are missing, presumed dead, and posts will be updated accordingly in due course (read: if it doesn’t happen in your…

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I started the new job today. I was a little apprehensive last night. And this morning. It wasn’t about the shirt and trousers, I was feeling okay about that. I figured I wouldn’t even notice to be honest. After all, I never knew what I was wearing before, so why would I notice now. No,…

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Wind Down

Jo asked me today if it was weird to think I only had 2 more days of work at Sputnik and the thought of moving on has been strange. Not so much the leaving Sputnik thing – as it could well be me going on holiday. Work’s been pretty quiet recently too, so the fact…

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I just spent about 2 hours working on other people’s careers, reputations, profiles. I’m not gaining anything out of it, except of course the pleasant feeling of helping someone out, and yes, it’s reciprocal since I asked them to do the same. Having decided to move in to the world of contracting recently, I’ve been…

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We had the first items from our recent eBay garage sale collected today, two people came. The first guy – I don’t know his name, arrived to pick up a 12 piece dinner set. He used to build his own motorbikes when he was younger, starting with a Harley, and remembers when the Japanese first…

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A Full Day of Fun