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Energy and Growth

I just sat down after tidying up after a fabulous day with friends. Today, we celebrated Ôstarâ, the festival of Easter named after the Germanic Goddess. A time of fertility and growth symbolised by eggs and rabbits, we lit a fire and welcomed friends in to our home to celebrate with us. As part of…

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We had the first items from our recent eBay garage sale collected today, two people came. The first guy – I don’t know his name, arrived to pick up a 12 piece dinner set. He used to build his own motorbikes when he was younger, starting with a Harley, and remembers when the Japanese first…

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Handling Disappintment

Today was ever so strange. I was booked in for surgery, so I took the day off with work. We arrived well before the consultation that was to take place before the operation, so we went to play in a nearby park. The three of us then got to the Medical Centre on time, and…

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Moving On

I’ve done my professional duty now and informed my employer before broadcasting this. I resigned today. While I won’t air dirty laundry in public, I can honestly say that it’s been awesome working with pretty much everyone at the company. The people and passion, bar none, are what drives the company and keeps it alive….

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Emotionally Draining Schedules

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