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3 months of news; has microblogging killed the blog?

I’ve just realised I haven’t written anything here for almost 3 months, and yet I don’t feel I’ve been out of touch or not been updating “followers” with my activities and news. The number of phone calls and emails I’ve made hasn’t increased dramatically, so what’s happened? Could it be that more frequent microblogs on…

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BarCamp Melbourne 2008 is go!

BarCamp Melbourne is on for the 23rd of February 2008 in Melbourne CBD. This will be the first BarCamp held in Melbourne itself, and hopefully this will make it more accessible than last year’s (there are rumours that two participants got lost and never made the event!!). While this is a free event, please remember…

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Powerful Cross Site Scripting Scanning Tool

Web developers today are increasingly aware of the number of ways that attackers can abuse their site. Not only do we have to worry about someone stealing data directly through our site or from our database, cross site scripting (XSS) attacks provide a mechanism for someone to run arbitrary code on another web site. During…

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OSDC 2007 Call For Papers

The call for papers is now officially out for the Open Source Developers’ Conference 2007. This year is the first non-Melbourne year, with the event being managed by a new organisational committee in Brisbane! So add the 26th – 29th of November to your diaries, and get your papers submitted by the 30th of June,…

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