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I just spent about 2 hours working on other people’s careers, reputations, profiles. I’m not gaining anything out of it, except of course the pleasant feeling of helping someone out, and yes, it’s reciprocal since I asked them to do the same. Having decided to move in to the world of contracting recently, I’ve been…

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What a Week

Well, I knew on Monday that I was a day behind. I started writing something. Didn’t work for me. I had no inspiration for Sunday or Monday. Tuesday came along and I had something to write about. I even wrote the blog on the way home on the train, but I want to add photos….

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Addendum: We’re not going anywhere!

Oh yes, I was just catching up on Jo’s blog and read her entry for Friday. I haven’t shared with my friends and family the exciting news about our move to the country. It’s off. You see we have both wanted this for so long, even before we got together. This dream of land and…

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