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Last day of work

Today is my last day of work, and I’m kinda excited. There’s no break for me though – it’s straight to work again on Monday, only now I’m working 10 ’til 6, which means I get to sleep in a bit, if my other half lets me. But as they say, a change is as…

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Ben for Prez!

I’m very excited to be the proud new President of the Melbourne PHP User Group! We had a meeting tonight to vote on incorporation of the organisation, and 6 positions were filled. Congratulations to the others: President: Ben Balbo Vice-president: Ted Bown Secretary: Robin MacPherson Treasurer: Dean Tedesco Ordinary Committee Members: Serg Belokamen and Neale…

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Mad Max 4?

It seems fitting, and yet ironic, that in the country that Mad Max was filmed in – the same country that has petrol prices roughly 40% of that in Europe – that the night before last, we had all our petrol stolen! Yes folks, the price hike seems to have made people try to find…

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