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Traffic in Hà Nội

I did some research last week so I’d have some idea of what to expect, and arrived in Việt Nam last night ready to face the mad bustling roads with mad drivers everywhere, throngs of people and general organised chaos. I sat in the back of the taxi, quietly amused that there wasn’t a seat belt…

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Privacy and Security in a Mobile Phone World

Note: I’ve written this over a number of days, and it’s a big topic. It’s probably disjointed and needs clarification, refinement and building on. I’d love your feedback, questions and general comments so as to help me improve. My partner’s friends all know I’m a staunch privacy advocate. It’s not uncommon for one of them…

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Craft for a Purpose

It’s probably about time I posted a personal update. I’m not on Facebook anymore, I’m missing posting photos, I don’t want to use Flickr (although I might until I have another alternative) and while I don’t need validation (I know my new elf slipper-socks rock), I like to share my creations for friends, family and…

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On Online Anonymity

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