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Is Fingerprint Authentication Breeding Insecurity?

The latest iPhones have just been released, and the latest feature, available in the iPhone5S, is the fingerprint scanner. This funky bit of technology allows you to program your fingerprint in to the phone, and then unlock it with a touch. No more remembering security codes.

Apple say the fingerprint will be securely stored on the phone, but I’m not sure as yet whether a they store enough data to simply verify your fingerprint later, or enough to reproduce your fingerprint. They do, however, add that it will only be stored on the phone, not sent to Apple or stored in “the cloud”.

So, should you be concerned about the security implications of giving your fingerprint to your phone?

You guessed it; I say yes. I’d be very concerned. Let me give a few reasons.

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The Problem with Australian Super Laws

I have just read a petition by GetUp! regarding unfair superannuation laws in Australia. Usually, I have no issues with GetUp! petitions and sign many of them; their vision and mine tend to overlap a lot. Today, though, I read this petition, Only Super For Some, which calls for Australia to “change current superannuation laws…

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Last day in Hà Nội

Technically the last 24 hours. I’ve checked out and am sitting in the lobby catching up on my blog, drinking more Vietnamese coffee, waiting to catch a cab to the airport in an hour. How do I wrap up the week I’ve had? So many mixed emotions. After a few hours of work yesterday, Tung,…

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Một hai ba, yo

Chinese New Year is just over a week away, and celebrations are beginning already. The streets are alive with banners of red and flowers are everywhere, including in huge arrangements spelling out messages of, presumably, good luck and prosperity. The company I’m working with had their company party last night, and boy do they know…

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If it looks like a Duck

Well, to be honest, it didn’t look anything like a duck. I don’t even know if it tasted like duck, not having tried it before, but it certainly didn’t quack like one. Trigger Warning: if you have a problem with the graphic description of meaty dishes, get a paper bag ready. In the continued search…

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